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If you have ever visited Lake George in upstate New York, most likely you have fond memories of the natural beauty and wonder of that magical place in the Adirondack mountains. Now you can relive those memories with an attractive coffee-table book series formerly available only in the lake area.

The "Stories of Lake George" series is now available online. Three books of history and folklore paint historic and fascinating pictures for its reader. The fourth book, "Poems of Lake George - Proses and Poesy", is a meandering journey through the region with both old and new prose and verse. Captivating stories and poetry have been gathered from a range of sources - some written and some oral - and thoughfully collected into this comprehensive spiral-bound anthology.

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If you are looking for literature related to the long and vibrant history of towns like Lake George Village, Hulett's Landing, Bolton, Hague, Ticonderoga, and much the surrounding area, or simply looking for a good read, these books are the answer. And, of course, they make a great gift too!

Unsure? Browse to the Excerpts page for a few examples of the book's writings and imagery (Poetry currently there, others coming!). For the special, internet-only price of $25.00 each, these durable and intriguing literary works can be shipped to your door. We transact through PayPal but you do not need an actual PayPal account to make the purchase.

The author, Thomas Reeves Lord, was born in Mt. Holly, NJ. After receiving his B.S. in Biology from Rutgers University in 1965, he furthered his expertise in the field with an M.S. from Trenton State in 1969 and his Doctorate from his undergraduate Alma Mater in 1983.

With his professional career cemented in academia, Dr. Lord is a full professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania teaching the new generations all about our environment and ecology. During the summer months, he continues his pursuit of our natural world at the Silver Bay Association on Lake George, NY. There he takes care of SBA's Nature Center and organizes twice-daily hikes into the surrounding area, from gentle campus trails to full-day hikes up Black Mountain.

The Stories of Lake George series were inspired by his time at Silver Bay. Through the years of researching in dusty local libraries and talking with the various old-timers in the area, Dr. Lord has assembled those stories and poems into a series of books relating the fact and folklore of Lake George's colorful history.

"Bright scenes of mountains and of lake,
With rugged glens, where torrents break,
In floods of silver white.

Mid cliffs and craigs and flinty peaks,
Green woods, and isles, and flowing creeks,
In checkered shade and light. "

- Thomas Nelson, 1865

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